Pagans On Campus

Pagans On Campus
Student Pagan organizations and how to contact them

If your student Pagan group isn't represented, or if there's an error or the link is out of date, please email me with the correct information! High school groups are also quite welcome.

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The Coalition for College and University Pagans (CCUP) - An online organization uniting pagans and pagan groups on college campuses (email contact)

The College Wiccans mailing list at

The Sacred Circle online community for college Pagans (email contact: Ivy Rose)

Drawing Down the Moon - now out on DVD!
A fun outreach activity for Pagans and the community as a whole!
Can one Witch and her dime-dropping neighbors buck an established drug business? Can magic fight crime when half the criminals are sporting blue uniforms? Can the Goddess Herself heal a town that's determined to stay wounded? When Gwyneth McBride takes her stand in the rundown hamlet of Steadfast, with only the residents of her makeshift homeless shelter as frightened and reluctant allies, all the rules go right out the window. What at first looks like wide-eyed naivete on the part of this brash young Witch quickly shines forth as true courage, and goes contagious. McBride faces down prejudice with compassion, corporate greed with logic, and ham-fisted thugs with the guts of a seasoned fighter; and finds her greatest ally in the guise of a worthy adversary (played by Walter "Chekov" Koenig!) Drawing Down the Moon is not only faithful to the spiritual realities of Witchcraft, it's a rare and highly entertaining illustration of precisely what makes magic - and humans - tick.
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